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One of the largest and most awarded healthcare staffing firms.

We work with the national healthcare industry to place full time and temporary physicians into hospitals and clinical care facilities. We also help place therapists, nurses, speech language pathologists, various technicians and more to help care for and support their communities. And we love what we do.

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Benefits of working with a staffing firm.

Our people make a difference. Our recruiters are well trained and committed to helping our clients quickly and efficiently find and recruit the top talent needed to fill a wide variety of healthcare positions. Your time-to-fill a position is dramatically reduced and our vast database can help extend reach beyond your immediate network of potential talent allowing you access to a greater pool of untapped resources and potential providers.

For hospitals and healthcare institutions. 

For large hospitals, small healthcare facilities, urban care institutions or rural emergency care programs, The Delta Companies businesses are dedicated to finding you the top medical talent needed to fill critical roles within your facility. We listen. We respond. And we help you solve business problems in a prompt and professional manner. Contact us today to see how we can help with your healthcare staffing needs.

For medical and healthcare professionals.

For physicians, healthcare providers, nurses, technicians, therapists, speech pathologists and other industry professionals, The Delta Companies and our related business units can help you find the perfect position to advance or fulfill your career path. Whether permanent or temporary, our recruiting team gives you access to large and small hospitals around the nation.

Join our team of highly specialized recruiters.

Help find and place top medical providers with hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide in an effort to better the communities they serve. We pride ourselves in our humanitarian effort to create access to top quality healthcare. And while our main goal is the placement and advancement of the talent we recruit, we apply that same drive and desire to each and every team member of The Delta Companies.