My favorite part about working at The Delta Companies is my leader. I have an amazing leader who listens, helps, and understands.

I love that there is always an opportunity for growth here. Whether you want to continue to be in production or move into leadership there is always a path.

I appreciate most the management style of my leaders. I am not micromanaged but guided.

Culture, culture, culture. It's the best thing about The Delta Companies.

There are strong relationships between members on the team. I feel as if I can always ask for help in any situation and get good feedback from those around me.

The unique culture and good compensation makes The Delta Companies an amazing place to work.

We hire very caring people who do their best to do good work and have a positive attitude. My coworkers are genuinely good people who are fun to be around even outside of work.

There are so many different personalities and backgrounds brought together to serve a common purpose here, and TDC makes it work. I am empowered to make decisions. My successes are well-compensated and are leading to career growth.

The freedom and flexibility that are provided to employees at TDC are great and appreciated!