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Continuing Education

Always on the grow.

We’re incredibly proud of the team here at The Delta Companies and our continued support for professional improvement keeps everyone on top of their game. Our Infusion Institute learning program helps team members quickly familiarize themselves with healthcare industry trends and needs and ensures we are all working to be the best in the industry.

The Delta Companies is a learning organization. We believe career development is critical to our member’s happiness. It’s why we continue to offer a variety of opportunities to learn and improve.

Custom training from the Infusion Institute.

From “Freak” to “Principal,” the Infusion Institute is in place to support all stages of member evolution at The Delta Companies. The program provides resources to help members succeed, as well as develop new skills that will put us ahead of the competition. The smarter, more driven members we have, the better service we can provide to our customers. Therefore, we put no limitations on our member’s development, or on their success.

The Delta Companies has a blended learning approach providing on demand learning through an on-line learning management system available at any time, on any device and live workshops & classes which allow for face to face coaching and role play. Our blended approach allows Delta to address all learning styles for maximum retention.

For new employees.

  • Detailed 13-week onboarding plans can be customized to fit each individual’s needs.

  • Extended onboarding training for the first 12 months which includes tactical skills, communication skills, team building, healthcare & staffing industry knowledge & utilization of our internal CRM and processes.

  • Professional growth opportunities through The Delta Companies one of a kind program called “Staging”.
  • All new employees are assigned a 1 to 1 guide for the first two weeks. We call them Sherpas. No one begins their career at The Delta Companies alone and fending for themselves. That’s not The Delta Companies way!

For tenured employees.

  • Access to professional organization’s training through NALTO, NAPR & SIA.
  • Leadership development training on a monthly basis which includes guest speakers and custom curriculum, as well as guest speakers from the staffing and healthcare industries on site several times per year.
  • Individual business units run regular sales clinics so members will always have the opportunity to get feedback/critique from leaders within their business unit.
  • Customer Service Training teaches how to create exceptional customer service experiences with both external and internal customers (new employees).

Words from our members.

At TDC, I have the ability to be unique, to work autonomously, and to have flexibility with my schedule.

I appreciate that The Delta Companies is always looking for ways to innovate and make processes more efficient.

I enjoy the culture, schedule, camaraderie, visibility to executives, and company mission.

I enjoy working at TDC because I have the opportunity to help healthcare providers become all they can be. And I am selling a "product" that I believe in.